30 Day 30K Challenge Review

30 Day 30K Challenge Is a viral binary options scam recently released. We have received numerous requests to review the system in order for the truth to finally be heard. Our 30 Day 30K Challenge review is here to set the record straight and expose this software as a fraudulent trading app. We advise that you read this review to the end before you engage any further with this fake challenge.

Blacklisted Site: 30K-Challenge.com

Who Is Joey Altair?

Joey Altair, alleged CEO of the 30 Day 30K Challenge, is nothing but an invented character. Directly beneath their appalling and unconvincing pitch video, which we will get to later on in this unbiased 30K Challenge review, you will see an image of the purported Joey Altair.  To an innocent visitor, the image may come across as a trustworthy and well-presented young man. Do not be fooled by this.

We feel it necessary to bring to your attention that the image being displayed is misleading. It is in fact a bought stock image. One that anyone with a subscription to Depositphotos.com can purchase. Naturally, this brings into question the credibility of the supposed CEO. We find it strange that the owner is willing to give away a $1000 just for joining the 30K Challenge, yet is unprepared to attach a real face to the product. Why would he or she want to hide from something they are so sure of. 


To prove our point even further, all you need to do is Google search the name Joey Altair. You might be alarmed at the sheer amount of results. Page after page you will notice that this is indeed a fictional person. The name Joey Altair has been associated with the 30 Day 30K Challenge scam and is blacklisted all over the internet as one you simply cannot trust. This is the first big red flag.

Fake Pay-out Guarantee

There is a specific element of the 30 Day 30K Challenge that is bewitching most of public, causing them to discard all logic and jump head first into this scam. This utterly false promise, issued by non-existent CEO Joey Altair, is supposedly some sort of guarantee regarding the success of his 30 Day 30K Challenge. However, according to the multitude of complaints received, all is not as it seems.

Mr Altair claims to be so confident in his system that should you not be able to profit 30K In 30 days, he will pay you $1000 just for having joined. However, we feel it our duty to warn you that out of the 57 emails we have received thus far, more than half of them have mentioned having asked for their promised $1000 & they are given either the run around or just no reply whatsoever. Unfortunately, as heart breaking as it is to read such emails, this is what scammers do and how they catch people. 


In some instances, complaints to the support team at the 30K Challenge were told to take up the issue with their broker. For those who do not know, this is an old trick often employed by unscrupulous software companies and brokers alike. This is done by means of the end user, agreeing to accept a ‘bonus’, in this case it would be the $1000. This so-called bonus is more like a contract to the broker. Once accepted, you are then locked into your account with that broker and cannot withdraw any funds until you have traded a certain volume set by the broker. Regrettably, as is the case 99% of the time, your deposit will be depleted before you can get close to the required volume.

False Testimonials

As is commonplace occurrence with most scam software’s, the use of fake testimonials is rampant within the 30 Day 30K Challenge. Supposed members can be heard claiming to have profited thousands of dollars within in a matter of minutes. This could not be further from the truth. These people are cheaply hired actors who are paid to say whatever the scam artists want them to say.

For the purpose of providing proof for this 30 Day 30K Challenge review, we have conducted a quick research on two alleged members. As suspected, these two people are in fact actors hired from an online marketplace called Fiverr. Both apparent users claim to have personally used the 30K Challenge software and thus made a profit of $30 000. As you can see from the images provided below, this is simply not the case.  These testimonials are false and cannot be trusted in the least. 



30 Day 30K Challenge Review Conclusion

We could go on and on about the lack of credibility within the 30K challenge software, and why this is nothing but a money draining system. However, we feel that the amount of complaints we have received, coupled with the overwhelming presence of known scam tactics we have highlighted in this review is enough to assure you that this is a scam. For your own safety and that of your hard earned money, we would advise that you avoid this software altogether.

Until Next Time…Happy Trading!

The Binary Advisory Team.





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