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It is imperative that you read this review on AlgoMaster System by
James Torn before you make any decisions regarding this auto-trader.
Below we will highlight & expose all the facts & reasons on why
you should be avoiding this system altogether.


James Torn – CEO of AlgoMaster System  

During the pitch video on their website, you are introduced to a gentleman who claims to be James Torn. This same man also claims to be the CEO of AlgoMaster System scam. When it came to performing some research on this guy for our review, we came up with nothing! James Torn has absolutely no credentials or reputation in the binary options industry.

Aside from that, we could not even verify his identity. For someone supposedly so popular, who owns a successful trading system, he does not have any social media accounts, nor are there any write ups on him. In all honesty, there is no information regarding James Torn and his link to AlgoMaster System, anywhere outside of their own website. Does that instil any confidence in you? 


AlgoMaster System Scam

Furthermore, we are told by James Torn, that his company is based somewhere in Malibu, California. No further information is given on the company, nor how it came about or even how he came to be the owner of this so called company. That’s not to mention the fact, that their alleged business is not registered anywhere. Again, this does not instil any confidence in someone wanting to try AlgoMaster System.

We have already received dozens of emails & messages from our loyal subscribers, as well as some newbies, complaining about AlgoMaster System scam. Some complained of being ripped off and losing their money, while others simply asked us on behalf of their friends to write a review in order to warn the rest of the trading community. This is the reason for our AlgoMaster System review.

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Warning Signs to Be Aware Of

While investigating the website and their product offering, we came across a number of warning signs that we feel you should be made aware of. For starters, the alleged James Torn claims that AlgoMaster System scam has been around for twelve months’ now. This is not quite the truth. If you have a look on WhoIs, their site was only registered in April 2016. Do the math!

Furthermore, the testimonials you are shown of people giving their account of how much they have profited with AlgoMaster system are completely fake. All you need to do is spend some time on the Fiverr website and you will find most of them there. Not only that, but further down on their false site, you see two smaller pictures of so called success stories. These are just plain stock images.

The person portrayed as ‘Mike F’ who says the following; “We’ve tried every single system out there and I can say for a fact that Algomaster System is not unlike anything else out there. This System TRULY WORKS!” This guy Is a stock image which they have tried to hide by cropping the image. However, we still caught them out and have provided the proof below for you to see for yourself. 



How Does AlgoMaster System Work?

As seems to be the case in general when it comes to AlgoMaster System scam, there is not much information available regarding how their automated trading system works. The only info we are given about the fake auto-trader, is that it allegedly detects over nine hundred thousand alerts per day. This is done across all assets & commodities with the use of technical indicators. Very vague!

Regrettably, that is the only information we were able to find regarding Algmaster System. When it comes to investing your money, the details provided by James Torn and their website is nowhere near enough. Sounds more like an overused script that we have heard one too many times before.

AlgoMaster System Review Conclusion  

Our team is confident that the facts and evidence we have provided for you in this AlgoMaster System review, is more than enough to convince you that this is indeed a scam auto-trader! Unfortunately for them, there are just too many inconsistencies within their website as well as their false claims.  As a trader we would advise that you steer clear of this system completely.

Thankfully, there are other safer and proven alternatives to AlgoMaster System scam. If you take a look at our Signals & Software page, you will a find a list of the top performing and trusted automated trading software’s, in the binary options industry.  Simply go through the detailed reviews and go with one you like and which suites your personal trading style. Our two personal favourites are Copy Buffett & CodeFibo – two of the best in the industry!

Till Next Time…. Happy Trading!

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