BinaDroid 2 / BinaBot v2 Review 

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Binadroid 2 aka BinaBot 2 has finally debuted online.
So far it’s causing more of a stir than Pokemon Go.
In online trading communities that is.
This detailed review covers what all the craze is about. 

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**Important Update** 

The Video below Contains Important Update Information on BinaBot v2 Software! 

BinaDroid’s History in the Market

When BinaDroid came out for the first time, it did quite well in the market. However, it unfortunately was never able to compete with the likes of Copy Buffett and other top auto-traders. For this reason, much of the hype died down after a while & not much was heard. That is until now. We reviewed and tested the original BinaDroid at the time and we were fairly impressed.

 So it goes without saying that we were beyond excited, the day we heard that Binadroid two was in the making. Without any further ado let’s discover what the entirely new app has to offer you and how it supersedes the original trading bot.

What’s Different with Binadroid 2

Automatic Mode

There are three main differences in regards to the new trading system.  The first difference with the all new BinaBot v2, is that the auto-trader mode on the original app was only semi-automated, whereas now, it is fully automated. This is a welcomed improvement for those who are time strapped or simply enjoy auto trading in general.


The second difference to note, is the presence of signals in manual trading mode. There were no trading signals provided in the original version. Both these improvements will help tremendously in boosting your overall profit as well as simultaneously providing more options to choose from.

Risk Level

The third one to note is the option to choose your risk level. Low, Medium and High. Low places two trades, medium places four trades and high places eight trades. Please be very careful trading with the high risk option as this can easily and quickly clear out your account should the market turn. 

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Awesome New Software Features

From what we’ve seen so far, BinaDroid has completely overhauled their software. The second version is exceptionally superior to the first. Some reasons for this is that it comes with more features than before, greater accuracy and an accelerated platform. Although seemingly minor changes, all of the above together, contribute to a more pleasurable & profitable trading experience.

Economic Calendar

The first new feature we noticed was the built in Economic Calendar. We must say that we are quite impressed with their decision to add this in. Why? Because no trader should start a trading session, automatic or manual, without having first checked the Economic Calendar, it is a vital tool.

Awesome Reverse Button

The second feature we wanted to discuss is the Reverse Button. This is definitely an industry first! Due to the fact that the industry is often overwhelmed by scammers, BinaDroid two decided to do something different. Something which is actually awesome!

They decided to implement a reverse button on their platform. So that should you feel you are losing too much or for some reason you don’t fully trust the software, you can hit the reverse button and the auto-trader will place a trade in the exact opposite position. How cool is that?  

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Now you can Hedge/Fence Your Trades with BinaBot v2

As mentioned previously in our review, the existence of the all new reverse button is a fantastic feature. Many traders may have heard of the term “Fencing’’ or “Hedging’’ your trade.  This is done when you have an open trade running & the market suddenly takes a wild swing. Traders then place an additional trade except this time, in the opposite direction in order to offset the losing trade.

With BinaDroid 2 Reverse Button, you can now do that with a simple click of a button. If you have some experience trading and you do it right, this one feature could save you a lot of money.  

Need to Know Facts!

With regards to the first & second version of the software, there are a few things you need to know.

No Upgrade’s

Firstly, if you have previously registered with the old software, you cannot upgrade to BinaBot V2. You need to open a new account. Although it’s a new & improved version, it’s a completely new software synced with different brokers, as well as being created by a different technology company. So unfortunately, there are upgrade options available.

Limited Availability

In contrast to the first version, BinaBot V2 is not available to traders worldwide. There are a few countries who, regrettably, will not be able to access this software. We have yet to confirm the specific countries and we will list them in our next BinaBot V2 review.

Remember to check back in for our follow up BinaBot V2 Review!!

Troy Everitt – CEO of BinaDroid 2 aka BinaBot v2

What’s nice about the presentation video on is this time Troy Everitt himself, introduces the product and presents the video. After the previous launch, many people came down on the software claiming it to be a scam due to the video being presented by an actor. It would seem the company learnt their lesson the first time round.

During the video Troy explains why it is, that BinaBot V2 is better than the previous version. He claims that the win rate of the auto-trader has been improved by at least 3-5%. While we cannot confirm this statement as yet, we will definitely be testing this new & improved bot to see if it does indeed live up to its claims. 

BinaDroid 2 algorithm

How Do I Sign Up with BinaBot v2?

Signing up with the new app is relatively easy, just follow four simple steps.

  1. Head over to the official software page, enter your name & email, then click the green button.
  2. Enter your telephone number and ensure you choose a safe password when you go through to the second page.
  3. You will then automatically be logged into the software.
  4. Fund your account with the assigned broker and you’re all set. Easy as that.

BinaBot v2 Review Conclusion

This is no scam! BinaDroid has been around for a while now without any issues and we have no reason to believe that the second version will be any different in terms of safety and reliability.

As we mentioned earlier on, we will be testing the new app. So please remember to check back in for our follow up reviews and live trading videos.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or feedback on this new auto-trader, please feel free to comment below as we rely heavily on hearing from our readers and subscribers.

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