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What Is Binary Options Signals & Software?

Binary Options Signals are essentially an instruction that is sent out to traders, generally in the form of an email, sms or Social platform which informs you (the trader) on exactly what, how and why to enter a certain trade. The attraction with Binary Options Signals is that it takes away the complexity of trading, meaning you don’t have to spend hours learning how to read & study the charts, staying up to date with market news and trying to learn and apply proven Binary Options strategies. So if you are pressed for time because of a hectic schedule or brand new to the trading industry then this will be a good option for you to start with.

There are a number of Binary Options Signal & Software Services that offer you a free trial.  This is a great option as it allows you to test the particular service before parting with any of your hard earned money – which is always a good idea! There are two different forms of Binary Options Signals being offered, depending on your own style, you can go with either manual or semi/ fully automatic which are more commonly called Auto Traders. Once you have decided on which Binary Options Signals service you would like to join, your only requirement would then be to register with a broker that is synced with that particular service. 

Here at The Binary Advisory we’ve already done all the hard work for you of trying to figure out which trading software to choose! Below is a list of  Popular Signal & Software Services handpicked by our team – out of the hundreds of auto-traders available online today only a select few made it onto our list. When you see one that you like – just click it! 

*Note* Most Auto-Traders listed below include manual signals 


CodeFibo software is an advanced auto-trader, whose algorithm happens to be the first, to use a unique combination of the Golden Ratio, Crowd Sentiment and powerful Fibonacci strategies. This super easy to use and powerful system produces an overall ITM rate of around 82-84%.  

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codefibo download

Copy Buffett 

Copy Buffett software is by far the most popular choice among day traders. This system’s algorithm is based upon a combo of famous trader Warren Buffett’s  best trading strategies. This one is a consistent performer, with an accuracy rate of around 85%, & is proven to be a reliable Auto-Trader.

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Copy Buffett Download

BinaBot v2 aka Binadroid 2 

BinaBot v2 aka BinaDroid 2, is the new & improved version of successful Auto-trader BinaDroid. This is the first Android based technology robot to be released. The system comes with many new features and boasts an accuracy rate of around 82-84%. 

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binabot v2

Neo Squared 

With cutting edge Pattern Predicting technology Neo2 gives traders the advantage. This particular software is backed by some of the industry’s biggest names. Neo2 has proven to be a reliable Auto-Trader generating steady profits for it’s users with a general accuracy rate of 83% . 

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Crunch – Tech 

Crunch Tech Auto-Trader by Daniel Avery, uses weather predicting technology combined with his industry first Cap n ‘Crunch Theory. Together, they form a powerful combination to use in trading. Most especially when trading commodities. Crunch – Tech has to date been pushing out consistent accuracy levels above 80%. 

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Crunch - Tech

Mike’s Auto-Trader

Mike’s Auto-Trader has been around the longest and is well known in the trade. This is a semi-automated software which produces signals with an accuracy rate of over 75%. Michael Freeman is famous in the industry for also establishing, what is currently the largest & most successful social trading group. 

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Mike's Auto-Trader

Gold Digger

Gold Digger is the world’s first automated gold trading robot. The software creators are the same genius’s behind the famous Forex trading software called ‘Forex GPS’ which has been successful for the past 9 years.Gold has always been a safe, stable & profitable asset to trade which makes this a good choice. 

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