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We can say with confidence that Vitaliy Dubinin is not only a man you cannot trust but is also linked to a multitude of scams. His creation of Bitcoins Wealth Club, a club whose sole purpose is to line his own pockets, is perhaps testament to his true character. We have compiled an extensive, evidence backed Bitcoins Wealth Club review in the hopes of deterring potential investors from joining this utterly distasteful and downright fraudulent club of unregulated and illegal practises.

What is Bitcoins Wealth Club?

Bitcoins Wealth Club is touted as a system in which you as an investor will ultimately gain both wealth and knowledge just by joining the club. Potential investors visiting the scammy website, are promised a staggering amount of 0.03 BTC a day via an automated system for free This equates to roughly just over $13,000 a day at the time of writing this review.

 Additionally, budding investors who are new to the world of cryptocurrencies are promised a top class education and introduction to cryptocurrencies in which they will learn how to earn 0.5% to 1.25% daily in the form of a free course offered by Bitcoins Wealth Club scam. Once inside the club, you will also be given the opportunity to set up passive income streams. But what are these exactly? 


What happens When You Sign Up to Bitcoins Wealth Club?

Once you sign up by registering online via and entering your email address, you are then sent a login link to your supplied email. You need to click on this link to access your Bitcoins Wealth Club dashboard. After logging in, you are presented with a rather simple platform. The dashboard features five links on the left hand side, these are; Quick Start Video, Bitcoin Academy, Bitcoin Passive Income Opportunities, Trading Cryptocurrencies & BWC Facebook group.

Inside your dashboard, Vitaliy Dubinin has created a free course for you to complete. The course supposedly entails everything you need to know about cryptocurrencies, the blockchain as well as the technology behind it and how to passively earn Bitcoins. The course is titled ‘The Secrets to Growing Your Wealth in Bitcoins’ and consists of 7 modules, they are as follows;

  • Module 1: How Bitcoins Wealth Club Can Help You Massively Grow Your Wealth
  • Module 2: What is Bitcoin and Why It’s Completely Revolutionizing Money
  • Module 3: The Secret to Wealth Acceleration Only 5% of People Know About
  • Module 4: How to Passively Multiply your Money By 5X Over & Over Again & Earn Multiple Streams of Residual Income
  • Module 5: How Bitcoins Wealth Club System Works & How to Promote It to Accelerate Your Wealth
  • Module 6: How to Trade Cryptocurrency Yourself & Invest Into Altcoins
  • Module 7: How to Achieve Your Dreams with Bitcoins Wealth Club

The truth of the matter here is that aside from modules 5 & 7, the majority of the information contained within the course can be found online free without having to sign up with Bitcoins Wealth Club scam. This course is seemingly designed more towards teaching you how to promote this scam in order for Vitaliy Dubinin to acquire more wealth than it is in educating you about the promising cryptocurrency industry. 


Alleged Passive Income Streams

This is where our Bitcoins Wealth Club review gets rather interesting. When we began our investigations into this scam, it became clear rather quickly on exactly how Vitaliy Dubinin is making money off of you. But the club is free to join you say…how is he making money off of me? Come on. Do you really think he would go to such lengths creating something like this wherein he receives nothing in return?  No. Truth is, he earns a lot of money by referring you other known Ponzi Schemes, MLM networks & scams. This is also when you learn once again that nothing is free.

Let us look at some of these alleged passive income streams. The majority if not all of the programs and services that Vitaliy Dubinin refers you to are not licensed nor are they regulated in any way. Additionally they hold many of the common warning signs of Ponzi Schemes and Multilevel Network marketing offers. These are by no means legitimate investment opportunities.  

Vitaliy Dubinin


USI Tech

USI Tech found at is an alleged automated trading software developer. They offer a Forex auto-trader that they claim has managed to obtain 150% profit for their clients in the past. Of course, they offer no credible trade history as proof of this. The cost of gaining access to this automated Forex trader is €600. They also offer a Bitcoin package starting at €50.

USI Tech states that their headquarters are based in Dubai, however, if you do some research you will find that this company cannot be traced as a registered business in Dubai. Furthermore, the business registration number they provide which is ICC20160282 returned ‘unfound’ results after much searching. Further investigative research reveals that USI Tech is registered as an offshore company in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. Due to this type of offshore registration, it is impossible to know where they are actually physically located and operating from.

Additional red flags we came across has to do with the fact that the founders of USI Tech are known fraudsters Ralf Gold and Jao Severino. Ralf Gold has been found to be connected to other exposed scams in the past such as AdsProfitReward, AdsProfitWiz, MX Fast Money and HourlyRevShare just to name a few. Jao Severino has been permanently banned from any kind of financial activity in Portugal due to his involvement in the famous AMC Invest scam. This scam resulted in people getting arrested as hundreds of investors lost a lot of money and was shut down by the authorities. 


Trade Coin Club

As with USI Tech, Trade Coin Club is not much different. It is a cryptocurrency based Ponzi scheme, that Bitcoins Wealth Club is pushing you to join. There is no information available whatsoever on who founded Trade Coin Club or who is running it. For all you know it could be some teenager sitting in his mother’s basement. When it comes to investing you need to be confident of who you are dealing with. There is no reason for any good investment firm to omit this kind of information.

Trade Coin Club has no retailable products meaning members are only able to market a Trade Coin Club membership. They also have a compensation plan, referral commission and residual commission. Referral commissions are paid out via unilevel compensation structure while Residual commissions are paid out via a binary compensation structure.

 The presence of these alone instantly marks it as a pyramid scheme. Although they claim that the revenue to pay daily ROI’s is acquired via a cryptocurrency trading software, they provide no evidence that such a software even exists, let alone that it generates any profits.

Members are required to pay a 25% fee every four months on ROI’s that have been paid out. This is in addition the required monthly membership fees.  The mandatory 25% fee is a sure-fire sign of a scheme and in reality is just a means of keeping funds in their system for longer. If Trade Coin Club do in fact operate a trading software there would be no reason to solicit extra funds from members. The truth of the matter here is that the only credible source of revenue entering this supposed company is in the form of membership investment. Using new member funds to pay off existing members = Ponzi Scheme. 


Bitcoins Wealth Club Review Conclusion

Bitcoins Wealth Club is a scam!

We have only just scratched the surface here in our Bitcoins Wealth Club review. We could have gone a lot deeper by digging up information on all the Pyramid/Ponzi schemes, MLM Networks and scams that Bitcoins Wealth Club has listed as passive income streams. We just touched lightly on two of them above, USI Tech and Trade Coin Club and easily proved that neither can be trusted as serious, legitimate investment opportunities, not to mention that neither are licensed nor regulated.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Vitaliy Dubinin and his Bitcoins Wealth Club scam. If Vitaly was a genuine and trustworthy person, the least he could have done was list some legitimate investment opportunities for the members of his club. Unfortunately for the soon to be victimised members and potential members, he chose the scam way instead. Please understand that if you take the time to do your own research, you will soon come to realize that this man does not have your best interests at heart. He is a ruthless marketer out to make himself rich off your losses.

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Till next Time…Happy Trading!!

The Binary Advisory Team.



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