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People are known to jump on the bandwagon, but this takes
the crown! Brexit Bot by Paul Harrison, is nothing more than
a get rich quick scheme. Save yourself some time & money
by reading this review & moving on to a more credible and proven service.

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Brexit Bot – Hot or Not?

According to the emails we’ve been receiving, the answer is ‘Not’. More than a couple of our subscribers have already reported a bad experience using Brexit Bot. Others have been asking whether or not this trading software is a legitimate one.

Thus we have compiled an honest review on the auto-trader. For those who may not know about Brexit Referendum, this was a recent event in which the British voted to leave the European Union. This in turn caused numerous changes, including having an effect on the financial markets, with emphasis being on the sterling of course. 

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Who’s Behind the Software?

Well, that’s another factor in need of discussion. Reason being is that in their presentation video on their site, we are told that Paul Harrison is the owner of the BrexitBot software. Unfortunately, though, there is only a voice speaking throughout the video. Not once are we presented with Paul Harrison face to face. So for all we know, that could be anyone speaking to us.

How Does Brexit Bot Work?

The alleged Paul Harrison further claims that due to his extensive experience in Forex trading. He was able to create a binary options auto-trader which is designed to specifically concentrate on GBP currency pairs. Thereby supposedly taking advantage of the Brexit effect on the market. It might be worthwhile mentioning, that Brexit already took place on the 23rd June 2016.

Essentially this means that Brexit Bot scam offer is not as exclusive as it sounds. Remember these are not the only scam artists to try and ride the Brexit wave. Only just recently another Brexit based scam was exposed online called Brexit Money Machines. We have not reviewed this particular scam, however, you can find trusted reviews on the following sites; Binary Options Sheriff, Binary Options Agency, Binary Options Elite Club or Binary Options Spot.  

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Brexit Bot Scam – Red Flags

Unachievable Profit

There are number of highly concerning issues regarding the claims of BrexitBot. For starters, Paul Harrison is proclaiming to poor unsuspecting traders, that using his auto-trader will generate a weekly profit of around $180k. Thereby making everyone who signs up, millionaires in just a matter of weeks. This is a completely false claim. One that is impossible to achieve on $250 deposit.

Bogus Testimonials

As is often the case with dishonest and unreliable services, BrexitBot is no exception to the rule, of utilizing actors. Some of these actors have even been used in various other previously exposed binary options scams. All this really means is that no one has officially tested the auto-trader & they have zero proof of its success. Take a look at the screen shot below & see for yourself. 

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Fake Badge Endorsements 

Reliability, Reputation & Safety are all pertinent factors in deciding on a trading software. To this end, scammers will go to any lengths to have you believe that their service features all of the aforementioned qualities.  One such tactic is to copy & paste company badges or logos.

For example, on Brexit Bot scam site, you will notice four badges & three logos. The badges state, ‘Golden Offer Awards-Finance Category (GOA 2016)’, IBS International Board of Standards’, Financial Planning Standards Council’ & SSL Secure Transaction.  We searched thoroughly for any kind of association between Brexit Bot and these companies but nothing exists on them.

Brexit Bot Review Conclusion

Our final thoughts on this purported trading software, is that it is indeed a scam. These guys have built an algorithm off of assumption and expect us to trade with it using our cold hard cash. Ummm, no thanks, we’ll pass. We say it is built on assumption because there is no possible way, anyone can predict the long term effect of Brexit on the market. If they say they can, they’re lying!

Viral Scams to Avoid: Quantum Code, Zero Loss Formula & Fast Cash Club

If you started reading this Brexit Bot review in the hopes of us endorsing it, so you can go ahead & sign up, then we’re sorry to disappoint you. However, not to worry though, if you head on over to our Home Page and have a look under the Auto-Traders section, you will find a short list of 2016’s top contending software. All of these, have been tried & tested to deliver time & time again. 

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Till Next Time… Happy Trading!

The Binary Advisory Team!


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