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The Copy Buffett Software is an auto-trader that we can finally click with (mind the pun) No seriously, this newly released binary options auto-trader has copied, our all-time favorite investor and trader Mr Warren Buffet in developing the algorithm for their software.

Finally, someone actually used their brain for once and delivered something to the Binary Options industry that could actually be hard to beat! That being said, after recently signing up and testing Copy Buffet via their official website, we were more than happy to sit down and write a comprehensive review on the Copy Buffett Software!

Who is Warren Buffet & What is His Connection to the Copy Buffet Software?

Simply put, Warren Buffett is the acclaimed head of Berkshire Hathaway. He is famous because he made himself a billionaire several times over and delivered his investors excellent returns. Ultimately, he is in league of his own. It is also well known that Mr Buffet is one of the most successful and astute investors of all time! 

Mr Buffett is renowned for a number of investing strategies, one of the more popular ones being Value Investing. Buffett learned about value investing from his favorite professor Benjamin Graham, who wrote the best rated book on value Investing called ‘’The Intelligent Investor’’. To this day, the book remains a top resource for value investors.

The Copy Buffett Software is not endorsed by, created alongside or partnered with Mr Buffett in any way. What Jeremy Fin, the creator of the Copy Buffett system has done though, is just that, Copy Warren Buffett! He has literally studied all of Buffet’s strategies, techniques and rules of investing and applied the best of them to his software. Simply brilliant in our opinion. Thousands upon thousands of day traders try to emulate Mr Buffet on a daily basis, some successful, others not so much. Then comes along a genius software developer, who has manged to put it all into an auto-trading system. 

                           Copy Buffett Software – Modeled After The Famous Warren Buffet Strategies

Copy Buffett Review

Jeremy Fin – Creator of The Copy Buffet Software

Jeremy Fin, was a successful software developer in Silicon Valley for a number of years. Until the financial crisis hit, and he along with numerous others, was unfortunately made redundant. It was then that Mr Fin decided to get into the world of trading. After having already taken the brunt of a $75 000 loss early on in his trading career, he then thought of copying the best and most successful traders, to see if he too could profit. Logically, one of the best to copy is Mr Buffett.

What do you get when you Join the Copy Buffett Software?

Quick Facts:

  • 24hour Support Via Telephone, Email or Live Chat
  • 30 Day Completely Free Trial
  • Profit Share of only 5% After Trial Period
  • Available Worldwide
  • Members Forum/Live Chat Area
  • CySEC Regulated, Top Class Brokers
  • Up to 500 Signals A Day

There were two features that stood out for us in looking at this auto-trading software. The first one being the customer support.  A lot of binary Options auto-traders have little to no support and a lot of them are copycat scams. Sad but true fact!

With Copy Buffet however, you get full scale support either by telephone, email or via the live chat 24/7. This is a feature most auto-traders can’t match. A lot of scam sites give you false contact info, so when it comes to support and withdrawals, as soon as they have your money, you can’t get hold of them.

The second point that stood out, is the fact that Copy Buffett is synced to regulated and reliable brokers! One thing you should of always be sure of in trading binary options is that your broker is safe and trustworthy.

Is The New Copy Buffett Software a Scam?

No! When we first checked out The Copy Buffett Software and its website we could tell right off the bat that this wasn’t a cheap scam. We could not pick up any fake testimonial actors, irritating countdown timers, pushy ‘’wait don’t leave’’ pop ups or contradictions. Not to mention that Jeremy Fin ensured that Copy Buffett was associated only with regulated brokers. 

Plus, as mentioned earlier, we signed up & started testing the software ourselves. Having gotten an average 80% accuracy so far along with +/- 400 signals we are more than happy. On top of that we tested the support feature too via email & Live Chat, both were quick to respond with Live Chat being immediate obviously and email took no longer than just over an hour. That kind of response speed is almost unheard of with auto-traders.

It might also ease your mind to know, that we are not the only leading blog to have reviewed Copy Buffett Software and given it a positive rating. In doing a quick Google search, you will notice that majority of well-known blogs have given Copy Buffett the green light. 

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copy Buffett Software scam

Copy Buffett Software Review Conclusion

The Copy Buffett Software has everything going for it! One thing is for sure, it is NOT a scam.

We personally think that this one has the potential to kick the ass of most online trading programs. With its outstanding support, copying tactic of the best of the best, the high accuracy and the amount of daily automated signals – this is one binary auto-trader that is going to go far!

Want to Join Copy Buffett?

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Click here to visit their official website (please be aware of imitation sites) fill in your details on the page, fund your broker account and you’re all set!!

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