Updated Copy Buffett Software Review

Copy Buffett Update

Copy Buffet Software Update

After having tested the Copy Buffett Software for just over a week now, we are back to give you an updated review on our results. We have also received a few emails with some specific questions regarding the software which we will answer in this review as well. If you haven’t yet, then check our first review on this auto-trader here. 

Copy Buffet Software Questions

Since posting our review on the Copy Buffett Software last week we have received quite a bit of interest in the trading system. One of the questions being asked is in regards to logging in and out of the program. Guys, the Copy Buffett Software is an online, web-based trading software. This means that you need to stay logged in to the app in order to keep receiving signals or to keep the auto-trader going, as soon as you log out, naturally the program stops working.  

As Copy Buffett offers a free mobile platform, a lot of traders are using their smart-phones or tablets. This is a very smart move as you can continue trading and keep an eye on your results no matter where you are. Oftentimes these days, being able to trade and still be mobile is a must.  

When it comes to the cost of the copy Buffett Trading program, the creator Jeremy Fin came up with quite a clever payment system. Copy Buffett is free to use only for 30 days; after this you will pay a maximum of 5% of any future profit made with the system. This goes straight into the Copy Buffett Software’s main business account after each winning trade.

This is actually a very good idea as you must remember that any legitimate service will not come for free. There are a lot of scam services that claim their software is 100% free, but in reality there is always some charge somewhere along the way. You will find that 9 times out of 10, this comes in the form of being scammed of your initial deposit and/or any of your profits you do manage to make with the software. With Copy Buffett Software however, this is thankfully not the case.

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What do you get when you Join the Copy Buffett Software?

Quick Facts:

  • 24hour Support Via Telephone, Email or Live Chat
  • 30 Day Completely Free Trial
  • Profit Share of only 5% After Trial Period
  • Available Worldwide
  • Members Forum/Live Chat Area
  • CySEC Regulated, Top Class Brokers
  • Up to 500 Signals A Day


Who Can Use Copy Buffet?

The Copy Bufett Software is available to use in most countries, except unfortunately for Central Africa and India. USA traders can also access this system with most SpotOption owned brokers, we were happy to learn of this as most times USA citizens don’t get left with many choices when it comes to online trading. In order to check if you qualify, simply fill out the registration form here and submit it, the software will then automatically let you know if you are able to join.

The creators of Copy Buffett also went out of their way to make sure that the platform is user friendly and super simple to use. This was to ensure that users with no previous experience in trading or technical analysis can benefit from Copy Buffett as well.  We quite like the trading platform’s grey and yellow colours as it makes it easy on the eye too.

Our Results Using the Copy Buffett Software

Although it is still a little too soon to reach a final conclusion, what we can say is that in the week we have tested the software we have generated a profit of $1342. (excluding our broker deposit of $250). The rate at which Copy Buffett consistently produced a solid ITM accuracy every day we traded with it is outstanding.  We would like to encourage you to give Jeremey Fin and his software a chance – you won’t be disappointed.

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Copy Buffett Software Endorsements

We are actually very pleased to see that Copy Buffett is surrounded by positive reviews along with feedback from traders and authoritative blogs in the Binary Options industry. One of those blogs being the Binary Options Watchdog, who like us, has been looking out for online traders for many years now. Trusted website’s like ours are sorely needed in Online Trading due to the fact that it is a multi-billion-dollar industry. And where there is money there are low down scam artists.

Our conclusion in this update review remains the same – Copy Buffett is a trusted system and has now been added to our list of top rated auto-traders which you can find on our home page.

Click here to visit the Copy Buffett official website (please be aware of imitation sites) fill in your details on the page, fund your broker account and you’re all set!! 

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Always remember our TBA Guarantee guys! If you sign up for any service via a link on this site, you are backed up by our satisfaction guarantee – you can read more about it here!! This way, not only do you have a backup plan should you feel unhappy about the performance of an auto-trader but you can be sure of the links you are actually clicking on.  

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