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Crunch-Tech, a new binary options auto trading software, has officially been released into the market as of last week. In this review we will be covering everything you need to know about this new cutting edge trading software & what it can do for you.

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Who’s Behind the Software?

Daniel Avery is the CEO & founder of Crunch-Tech along with Co-Founder Rick Pulson. Apparently their start-up company Crunch Technologies has been gradually gaining the attention of high end investors and traders alike with their Cap ‘n Crunch theory. During the presentation video, Mr Avery is described as being a Stanford computer programing specialist, with a considerable financial background which includes algorithmic trading, options and futures.

Rick Pulson on the other hand, is a weather enthusiast with a substantial amount of knowledge and experience in the construction of impressive GPS device’s. These two geniuses decided it would be far more logical for them to team up, rather than trying to keep up with the constant developments that is associated with this industry on their own.


What Exactly is Crunch Tech?

Crunch Technology is a binary options auto-trader, utilizing the latest cutting edge technology we saw enter the market only just recently. This new found technology uses all powerful weather predicting tools and data to help accurately predict future events before they happen. Now this, combined with their industry first ‘Captain Crunch Theory’, in trading, especially when trading commodities, Crunch-Tech could be an exceptional advantage

Crunch Tech Captain Crunch Theory

What Can Crunch Tech Do for Me?

Smart traders will be queuing up to download this trading software. They know that having a powerful tool such as the Crunch-Tech app can help them enormously in knowing which trade to place, and the fact that it places the trade for you automatically is simply a bonus. This is the main reason why auto-traders have taken off in popularity since first being created.

The crunch Tech software is being advertised as being able to produce an ITM rate / winning percentage of 85%. This is impressive for two reasons, number one; you can most definitely earn a steady second income with that win ratio and number two, they are not claiming ridiculous ITM win rates of 95% and above like the scam software’s do.

Additionally, other figures mentioned is Crunch Tech’s capability of generating around $89 per hour and a weekly range of between $400 – $100. Again, we must draw attention to the fact, that this is entirely possible to earn in trading binary options. So they score another point for not advertising unreachable earning potential with their trading app as most scam artists do.

Furthermore, just to touch on the available features that Crunch Technology offers, these are the following points worth mentioning; The software comes with a 90-day FREE TRIAL, after which if you decide to keep your licence you will be required to pay a monthly fee of $790. They will soon be offering Social Trading – another popular trend in online trading and more importantly, they accept users worldwide! 

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Thanks to our long time connections and industry leading binary options website, we have been lucky enough to be one of the first few leaders who were offered the chance to test the software personally and publish an official Crunch Tech review. Below are our results so far.

Crunch-Tech App Performance Results After 3 Days!

As Crunch Tech is still a relatively new software, having only been around for about a week now, we have only tested the software for three days so far. Last week Friday, yesterday and today. We are cautious with all new software’s we test, so we only deposited the minimum amount required of $250. We kept our trades to a minimum and only traded for three to four hours a day instead of our usual sessions.

As it stands, our results after three days are as follows; on Friday and Monday we managed to turn out around $81 per hour rather than the advertised $89. Only $9 less is not a biggie so we were still quite happy with that. Tuesday however, Crunch-Tech produced $84 per hour. This is a good sign as it shows that the app has the potential to actually reach what it says it will. 

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So in the end, after having traded for three hours both on Friday & Monday, and four hours on Tuesday, we are currently sitting at a total of $822. Subtract the $250 deposit and we are left with $572 in profit. Not bad considering!

Crunch Tech Review Conclusion

At the time of publishing this Crunch Tech review, we are of the opinion that this is NOT a scam! 

The Binary Advisory Approved

Simply due to the reasons that we could not find any serious red flags to be aware of, plus the fact that the auto-trader has performed fairly well for us during the three days we tested it. However, it is important to note that this is not our final conclusive Crunch Tech review.

We will continue to test this software daily over the next week or two and publish further updated reviews regarding the software’s performance, any technical glitches we may encounter and so forth. So be sure to keep an eye out for important follow up reviews.

In the meantime, feel free to check out the Crunch Tech website at and should you decide to test it out for yourself before our follow up articles, please comment below and share with the rest of us on how the app is performing for you. We would love to hear your opinions! 

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