CryptoTrader Review

CryptoTrader by David Richmond is yet another Binary Options software scam. We urge you to read this informative yet truthful CryptoTrader review carefully before you take another step.

David Richmond of Richmond Ventures

We have all heard stories of people who have managed to go from rags to riches; unfortunately, David Richmond is not one of them. The man you see on the website is a fictitious character. Both he and his alleged company Richmond Ventures are created entirely by scam artists with only one goal in mind, and that is to convince you that Crypto-trader software is legitimate.

Think about this for a second. This man claims to be a self-made millionaire, who is about to float a company said to be worth around a billion dollars, yet there is not one shred of evidence to back up his ridiculous claims. For a man of such worth he does not even have a professional LinkedIn page. In fact, he has no Social Media profiles or online presence. Surely this sends off alarm bells in your head? The likely scenario here is that this man is an actor who has been hired simply to read a script, play a certain character and do his best to get you on board the CryptoTrader scam. 


How Does This Scam Operate?

In accordance with the actor parading as David Richmond in the questionable presentation, CryptoTrader is a completely automated trading software that works by combing the world’s marketplaces, thereafter analysing millions of data points using Artificial Intelligence. Its state
of the art algorithms then predict fail-safe winning trades alongside precise strike rates.

Firstly, fail-safe is a term that does not belong anywhere in the world of trading. There is never any guarantee in placing a trade. Secondly, although the above paragraph might sound fancy and safe to use, it became apparent during our research for this unbiased CryptoTrader review, that these scammers have tried to piggyback on another successful and well-established trading software known as TAI Robotic. It is a common fact that the TAI Robotic Trend Indicator was indeed the first to use Artificial Intelligence as the basis of their software.  Crypto Trader is just a poor copy.  

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CrytpoTrader Scam Evidence 

With the intention of backing up our honest CryptoTrdaer review, we have provided our readers with some concrete evidence relating to this scam. Of all the disconcerting evidence we have uncovered, here are some of the most important points to consider. First of all, the alleged David Richmond claims that he has triumphantly turned 43 normal everyday people into millionaires. Due to the fact that the CryptoTrader scam website was only registered on the  28th June 2017, we have to conclude that this is a completely false statement. Additionally, none of these alleged forty-three millionaires are not available for comment. This is a sure-fire sign of a scam software.


Furthermore, we have reason to believe that the disgraceful con artists behind this scam, have some kind of distasteful connection to another previously exposed scam known as the Multiplexer system. Our reason for stating this is some of the testimonials, images and video used in the Cryptotrader software scam, have been used before in the Multiplexer System. Do not be fooled by them. Simply look at the images provided below for inarguable proof that this is all fabricated and copied. 

cryptotrader scam

Misleading Information

I hope that this illuminating CryptoTrader review has set you firmly back on the path of logical reasoning. However, should you still be considering this binary options trading software as a viable option, you may want to consider the following element. Mr Richmond claims that not only is his system risk free to use but that it is also mathematically impossible to lose a trade.

This kind of absurd statement usually has dire consequences for newbie traders with no previous experience. Please understand that there is always risk involved in trading the markets. Always. Every person who trades actively or has traded before, whether using a legitimate software or trading manually has suffered losses. It is unfortunately the name of the game. It is understood that when a software claims it cannot lose a single trade, you are better off not using it in the first place.

CryptoTrader Review Conclusion

Crypto-Trader software is a dangerous scam. There is nothing credible about this system or its fake CEO David Richmond. We therefore conclude this review by officially adding it to our blacklist. There are far too many warning signs present and we would sincerely advise our readers to reconsider their options. Other known systems like Maximus Edge will at least bring you some profit, whereas Crypto Trader will do nothing but drain your account in a matter of hours.

We would like to inspire our readers to share this review in the hopes of saving other day traders from falling for this terrible scam. If you have any feedback or hands on experience with the system, please feel free to share it with the community by sharing your story below.

Until Next Time…Happy Trading!

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