Epix Trader App Review

Epix Trader App is a brand new state-of-the-art
trading software available for both Binary &
Forex trading. We have vetted this all-new software
for our review and we came out pleasantly surprised! 

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This App caught our attention from the moment we first got wind of the software. It is refreshingly different to say the least, but most importantly, it is 100% scam free. We first did our usual investigation of the product and website and after finding none of the usual red flags, we decided to go ahead and try the app. After all, there are only 200 free positions available.

A real and legitimate powerhouse couple did not only develop Epix Trader App, they also chose to show their face in presenting their product to the public. This immediately bolstered our confidence in the forex & binary trading software. More often than not, scam systems hire cheap actors to present their fraudulent online apps, which to experienced traders, screams out scam from the get go!

Who is Mark Evans & Tina D’Angelo?

It was impressive to be able to listen to people who actually know what they are talking about for once. Mark Evans and his wife Tina D’Angelo are no ordinary people. Together their education, degrees and competitive drive are simply stellar. Both Mark & Tina won postgraduate scholarships in trading and finance. They first met during their final doctoral year in reading finance & economics at a university out in Boston.  We are quite impressed with this couple as well as their presentation.

They do not present the usual story of love at first sight. In fact, it was apparently quite the opposite, with both of them competing against each other to acquire top grades & acknowledgement as specialist leaders in their fields of Forex trading and World economics. After their graduation seven years ago, they parted ways with Tina D’Angelo going on to work for a notable firm on Wall Street and not surprisingly becoming the firm’s top analyst, fondly known as Dr Mufasa by her team. 

Epix Trader Mark Evans & Tina D'Angelo

Mark Evans on the other hand, left the arena of the trading world and went on to work his way as CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of a software writing company that specialised in robot trading, more commonly known as auto-trading bots. They met again recently when their Dean invited them both, to give a presentation at a class reunion on “The Alchemy of Finance”. After meeting again at the reunion, they were married a year later. These type of people I would trust on any given day!

A Background on Epix Trader App

Our Epix Trader Review will now take a quick look at the history of the app:

Should you be contemplating on how The Alchemy of Finance fits in with Epix Trader App, we will provide a short explanation as given by Mark Evans & Tina D’Angelo in their video. The Alchemy of Finance is a concept first introduced by one of my all-time favourite traders, George Soros. (We have one of his famous quotes on our homepage) In his book, Soros talks on the subject of Trends and catching them just in time to make profits.

Mark & Tina have long studied the Soros investment strategies, particularly his “Theory of Reflexivity” which underlies his investment techniques and have been a guideline for many investors over the years. If you are an avid reader, The Alchemy of Finance is an excellent book, which I would recommend to anyone serious about trading as well as business in general. 

Alchemy of Finance by George Soros

How Does the Epix Trader Software Work?

Epix Trader interface is designed to be user friendly. Essentially, even top firms can now trust junior staff to manage large portfolios using the exceptional software, thus lowering their overheads. The principle of Reflexivity is based on the construct that the market tends towards disequilibrium rather than equilibrium.  As Soros himself once said, “We try to catch new trends early” In Laymen’s terms, if you catch a trend early enough, you stand to make money. And a lot of it!!  


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Epix Trader Algorithms

The Epix Trader App software is inspired by the “Scalping Technique” explained in The Alchemy of Finance.  Mark & Tina have worked with four effective tools and combined it with discipline and money management in developing their Epix Trader Software. This software has been based on 3 simple market conditions and essentially what sets it apart from other algo-trading robots.

In the video, Mark describes how he designed the algorithms, which is as follows: 1) the first algorithm is based on research of current trader sentiment. It uses moving averages to determine where the market is swinging. Many other bots do the same thing, except that Epix Trader has added an additional filter that forecasts the strength of the trade based on trading volume.

This is also how the auto-trading bot determines the safest stop loss and the maximum take-profit automatically for you. 2) The second algorithm searches for the best Strike-Rate or Entry Price, which is based on a simple support and resistance level. Hitting the best strike rate or entering the trade at the best price is what makes the bot maximise profits.

Epix Trader App places trades that are brief and based on very short term trading. You are looking at trades of 30 seconds to 10 minutes max. 

George Soros

3) The Third algorithm is a combination of filters based on Oscillators. This is actually where the robot becomes more powerful. The Epix Trader system measures the filter that comes out against the major trend. Known as the Soros Scalper Robot, it measures either overbought or oversold market conditions.

It extracts reliable pattern formation while at the same time wiping out any spiking anomalies. This last filter is additional confirmation on the strength of the signals. 4) Lastly, although extremely important, the Epix Scalper takes into consideration major news announcements and thus avoids triggering signals during inappropriate times. This factor alone can increase the win rate to over 80%.

Two Trading Methods within Epix Trader App

Mark and Tina have thoughtfully included two different trading methods within Epix Trader App. The first is the Classic Trading Method, which incorporates all the fundamental analysis and filters that have gone into programming Epix Trader Software. This method would be advisable for beginner traders with little to no experience. 

The Second is the Aggressive Trading Method, which incorporates the ‘Double Up Method’. This method of trading is more appropriate for skilled and experienced traders with a larger capital.
What this offers, is that Epix Trader software will double up the investment on the next trade should the current trade be a losing one. The risk-reward ratio is commensurate.

Typically, if you use the double up method in scalping you are open to more risk, meaning you need to have a strong capital base. Nonetheless, your potential gain is also exponential. 

Epix Trader

What does the Software Cost?

For now, yes it is, but not for long. This is the reason i have jumped on board, signed up and immediately deposited with my broker. Mark & Tina have devised the ‘Early Bird Scheme’ through this; they are offering only 200 spots to those that act fast. If you manage to get one of those 200 positions, you will not be charged the success fee of $393 a month for the software.

The success fee is subscription based and will be charged, once they float their company for the initial IPO. Looking at the potential of Epix Trader App, plus the fact that they are not far from having all their due diligence ratified for their IPO, this will likely happen very soon. So if you are interested in profiting with this, without the monthly subscription, then I suggest you act quickly!!

Epix Trader Review Conclusion

Writing our Epix Trader review has been an absolute pleasure and we hope you have enjoyed the most comprehensive and detailed review you will find on the product!

It is without a shadow of a doubt that this software will be huge in the forex market. It has enormous potential and some serious profit making abilities within its perfectly designed and well thought out algorithms. The Binary Advisory Team although not fully into trading forex will stand behind this forex robot and most definitely be trading with it as well.

Due to the simplicity of this software, I am certain many binary, as well as forex traders will fall in love with this algo-trading bot as well.

Till Next Time…Happy Trading!

The Binary Advisory Team







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