Gemini 2 Software Review


Gemini 2 software is a real nasty piece of work. This review aims
to set the record straight regarding this newly released scam auto-trader,
thereby helping the online trading community to avoid losing their
money to a bunch of con artists such as the ones behind this production.


Who Created Gemini 2 Scam?

Brandon Lewis is the man we see presenting the marketing video on, claiming to be the CEO and owner of Gemini Holdings and subsequently Gemini 2 software. Regrettably, no matter how much we searched online, we could not verify this guy’s identity as being the alleged Brandon Lewis. The more likely scenario here, is that this Is yet another paid actor being used to scam others.

Unfortunately, after having conducted a bit of research, it turns out that there is no such company as Gemini Holdings. At least not one that is a legitimately registered and licensed business. This so called company does not even have a basic LinkedIn or Facebook profile. This then begs the question of whether Gemini 2 software, is just a fake as the supposed holding company it falls under? 


What’s the Story with This Scam?

According to Brandon Lewis, the story of Gemini 2 software goes a little something like this. Brandon claims to have previously worked for Google. During his time there, he allegedly created some type of predictive algorithm which was able to accurately predict the increase in traffic to Google over the next few years. Apparently, Google was also not impressed by this nor did they see any potential.

Therefore, Brandon Lewis then decided to leave the company and venture into adapting his algorithm to the financial markets. This apparently led to the creation of Gemini 2 software three years ago, which places trades on your behalf supposedly based on future predictions through the algorithm. Gemini 2 has left much to be desired in terms of information provided to its customers.

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Major Red Flags Raised

The first red flag we found regarding Gemini 2 scam, has to do with the so called company Gemini Holdings, as we pointed out earlier in this review. The second issue to raise, is that Brandon Lewis claims to have created Gemini 2 software three years ago. We discovered this to be quite far from the truth. Their domain was in fact only registered for the firth time on the 24th May 2016. 

Furthermore, the ludicrous claim made by Gemini 2 scam, that traders can make staggering profits to the tune of fifty thousand dollars a month using their supposed auto-trader, is another red flag. Unfortunately, this is not possible trading binary options. Even more so, if you are trading from home yourself off a minimum two hundred and fifty-dollar deposit, which is generally the case. 


Gemini 2 Misleading Information

We think we have provided enough scam evidence in this Gemini 2 review, to make you think twice about signing up with this auto-trader. However, in case you want more, here are some further concerns to address, regarding this ill-conceived binary options scam. If you happen to have watched the pitch video on, did you pick up the mistake Brandon made about the market trading hours?

He stated that the markets are open 24/7, seven days a week. Come on! Really? Even amateur traders know that is not true. Are you seriously going to trust an auto-trader, designed by a man that doesn’t even know when the financial markets are open & when they aren’t? We certainly won’t! Although that’s not all, here is the next concerning point that some novice traders might have missed.

During the video while Brandon is showing us the Gemini 2 software platform, he very subtly mentions too make sure you turn on the compound trading feature. Please do not this, ever, on any software. Unless you are an experienced trader, who Is trading manually with the software, plus you are doing so with money you can afford to lose. Otherwise we would advise you not do this at all. 


When you compound trade, you essentially place your entire capital on one trade, if you win you then place your capital again plus your profit, i.e. everything! Yes, this is a good strategy in terms of gaining quickly, however, the risk of losing everything is extremely high. One wrong trade and you can kiss your money goodbye. Personally, I don’t like trading dangerously like that.

Gemini 2 Review Conclusion

After combing through all the information and evidence we gathered on Gemini 2 auto-trader, it comes as no surprise that we conclude this to be a scam system. There is just no way I would trust a single dollar of my money with these shady people who mislead and lie to their customers. Especially when the alleged trading software belongs to a company that does not even exist.

There are far better alternatives available than Gemini 2 scam auto-trader. Just take a look at our Signals & Software page. There you will find a list of the top performing automated trading software’s available, many of which we have traded with ourselves. Our current favourite (after Copy Buffett of course) is the new CodeFibo auto-trader. We have been having some excellent results with it which you can also see in our trading videos on YouTube. 

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Thank you for reading our Gemini 2 review and hopefully we have saved you and many others from losing their investment with this terrible online trading scam!

Till Next time… Happy Trading!

The Binary Advisory Team


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