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Our review today revolves around a certain trading software
known as HexaTrader.  It would serve you well to read on
and discover the truth about this system.


Who is behind this Software?

When we first heard of HexaTrader software, we were immediately suspicious of its promotions and promises. Thus, in the interests of our readers, as well as the community, we decided this warranted a comprehensive review of the trading system. Upon visiting their website hexatrader.co, we quickly realised we had been correct in our suspicions. Beginning with the alleged CEO Prof Rupert Connor.

According to their video presentation, Rupert Connor, supposedly a former computational science professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is the CEO of HexaTrader. The man behind the scam, conveniently chose not to show his face on video. This of course, raises the question of why? Is he just camera shy or is he unwilling to expose his true identity to his potential customers?

Turns out there was never any such professor at MIT, we conducted a thorough search and came up empty handed. This is a serious deception on their part and naturally a major concern to possible investors in the HexaTrader scam software. As far as we are concerned, Prof Rupert Connor does not exist and we have no idea who is really behind the Hexatrader scam! 

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How does it Work?

During the presentation video, the voiceover artist tells us that the fabricated CEO designed this so called breakthrough algorithm, in which he uses the hexadecimal system rather than the usual binary. This is what apparently sets the claimed fully automated trading app, apart from the rest. Unfortunately, as fancy as it may sound, it really makes no difference when it comes to the market.   

The hexa trader scam CEO, claims that you do not need any previous trading experience or training to use the system & that you can make around $1,644 a day. Other ridiculous statements are also heard, such as the bot having a 94.7% accuracy rate and providing profits anywhere from 240% to 360%. These ludicrous claims are clearly targeted at newbie traders and not experienced ones.

HexaTrader App is a Scam!

In order to help protect our readers and followers, as well as the BO community of traders, we continuously scrutinise binary options trading products, which come out on a daily basis. HexaTrader is no different to the rest of the scams we expose. It is jam packed with red flags, warning signs and hard evidence all pointing to one thing – a full-blown scam production.

To begin with, we have already established that the supposed CEO is a fabricated one. That alone should be enough to steer you away from the HexaTrader scam app, towards more trusted and reliable software’s available. Aside from the fake CEO, there are other highly concerning issues to bring to your attention as well. Such as the fake characters used in the video production. 

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Let us begin with the first testimonial we see in the video, a woman by the name of Ashley Ross, from Liverpool England. She claims to be in a marriage with four kids and looking for a way to earn extra income. She and her husband came across the Hexa trader app. According to her testimony, after only the first month she made $13 500. None of this is true. This woman is a Fiverr actor.

She says whatever you want in front of the camera for around five dollars. So what does that mean for you as a potential customer? It means that neither she, nor anything she has to say, has any credibility whatsoever.  Do you still think signing up with HexaTrader software is a bright idea? I am assuming not and hopefully you are already looking elsewhere.  

Ashley Ross is not the only fake testimonial we found during our HexaTrader review. There are other actors present as well. For example the supposed Jake. k. Lawrence from Detroit, USA and Jamie Howie from Sydney, Australia.  If you require hard proof before believing, simply look at the screen shot below of their acting profiles on Fiverr. It seems there isn’t one real person behind HexaTrader! 


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Review Conclusion

Aside from the fact that no one behind this software is real, all involved are either hiding behind voice over artists or testimonial actors, there are even more alarming factors to consider here. There is the issue of the fake bank accounts for one thing; the pictures presented of a bank statement means nothing more than an image that has been Photoshopped. 

Even more concerning is that the fake CEO Rupert Connor claims that he started HexaTrader software back in 2013. However, according to our review investigation, this too is false information. According to WhoIs, the website hexatrader.co was registered on the 26th August 2016. Three years is a big number gap! How did Rupert get it that wrong? By telling to many lies, that’s how! 

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Our Hexatrader review conclusion is pretty obvious by now, this is a scam trading app. You will be far better off not even considering this software. Any trading software that has this many warning signs is clearly a fraudulent production.

Should you happen to be searching for an established trading app, with a good longstanding reputation, then take a look at our Signals & Software page! There we have listed all the well-known, trusted and top performing trading apps in the industry. Either way, you will certainly be far better off than giving your money to a scam app like HexaTrader. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our review, we are confident that it will serve to save people from losing their money. You can help your fellow traders by sharing the review across Social Media.

Till next time…Happy Trading!

The Binary Advisory Team.


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