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There has been so many mixed feelings about 2017’s latest binary option trading software, Maximus Edge, that we are kind of left sitting on the fence. We took a quick look at the new software and that along with numerous requests from interested parties has led us to write, what is probably the only unbiased Maximus edge review available. We have started our own investigations into the trading app in order to decide whether this new binary options auto-bot is worth our time and money. 


Why the Internet Is not Helping!

It’s true, the internet does not help us out much in the case of Maximus Edge AutoBot. Why? Well because one group claims it is a brilliant trading software, another group claims it is a scam and yet another group claim it’s actually ok but not the best. So which is it? This really does not help much at all. Most reviews we looked at, had their own agendas behind their conclusions on the Maximus Edge Auto-Bot software. So basically, this leaves us with no other choice but to launch our own investigations into the app and see for ourselves, and you for that matter, if this trading software can live up to its claims or if it will fall into the now overpopulated scam category.


Maximus Edge Review – Details


What Is Maximus Edge Software & How Does it Work?

Maximus Edge AutoBot also called Maximus Edge EA is a fully automated binary options trading app that was released on the 18th September 2017. An automatic signal provider, which uses very well known indicators and trading methods. In the space of a week, it has created some serious buzz in the trading community. Especially since the binary options industry has been relatively quiet lately.

The Maximus Edge EA works by combining the best and most popular indicators used in trading today by both binary options and forex traders. The attraction for newbie traders is that it takes away the stress of having to first learn how to read and analyse the market and charts on top of having to decide on a strategy and which indicators to use. While the attraction for experienced traders is that, it utilizes highly popular and commonly used indicators and so brings with it the comfort and assurance of familiarization. It also features three different trading methods.

The indicators being used by Maximus Edge are the Bollinger Bands, RSI, StocHastic, MACD, Pivot Points and Fibonacci retracements. Here is the thing though. Some people may ask, as we did, why would we spend money on something like this when most of those indicators are free. Well according to the creators of the program, the secret lies not only in using these trading indicators but how they are combined in order to dramatically improve accuracy levels in their signals.

Traders have the choice of selecting only one indicator or selecting all 6 at once. Either way, we are told that Maximus Edge AutoBot has been developed to pick up price ranges, trends, strengths and profit probability using these indicators in their unique combination. Additionally, the software will not provide a signal until three or more selected indicators are in agreement with each other. 


What We Like About Maximus Edge AutoBot

One thing we do have to give this trading software credit for is the features it comes with. To be honest, there’s been very few legitimate software’s that have offered this many. Aside from the indicators, Maximus Edge AutoBot also three different money management-trading systems. These are the Classic, Martingale and Fibonacci. The Classic is typical to most binary options systems and more commonly known in that, you set a price per trade and the system sticks to that for each trade regardless of a win or loss. The Martingale differs in that should your previous trade lose, it will double your investment on the next trade. This strategy while oftentimes accurate and profitable is also more risky as there is always a chance that the next trade could also be a loss.

The Fibonacci system is based off the Fibonacci number sequence used in maths and generally anything to do with numbers. This one is a lot more complicated. The gist of it is that the number sequence determines how much should be traded in relation to previous trades in order to maximize profits. It’s similar to the Martingale in that it also seeks to recover lost trades but is different in that it only does so with the last two trades executed rather than however many were consecutively lost.  

Another aspect that raises the credibility of Maximus Edge AutoBot is the charting solution it provides. If for some reason, this service turns out to be not so great, we would be highly upset just because we would have to give up their charting solution.  In all our days of trading, we have never, and we mean never, seen a binary options trading program provide a charting solution such as this. It is no wonder it is also known as Maximus Edge EA (Expert adviser). Aside from the main indicators that the system makes use of, as a user you are also given access hundreds of other indicators. You are able to choose the timeframe of the charts from one minute up to one month, draw support and resistance levels as well choose as how it is displayed. Their charts will display candlesticks, area plots as well as many other options. All of this is available to you right with your Maximus Edge platform. As we said before, no other BO system has ever offered a charting solution like this before, ever! 


Maximus Edge also has other great features worth mentioning like full access to economic and world news as well as a vast array of trading educational materials from online webinars to seminars and basic pamphlets for beginners. Once inside the app, it seems like a powerhouse packed to the brim.

Maximus Edge AutoBot also gains a few points in terms of credibility because unlike most scams, this app does not promise ridiculous overnight riches. One of the easiest ways to smell a scam is when they promise you will become a millionaire in a month. We all know by now that that is just not a possible. So we like the fact that this trading bot does not promise to make you a millionaire and neither does it have some really dumb storyline or name to it like ‘Desert Millionaire’ as we’ve seen in the past.

What We Don’t Like About Maximus Edge

The only thing we don’t really like about this new trading app, is that there is not enough info available on the creator. The only thing we are given is his first name which is Maximus and that he is regarded as a major math wizard known amongst his friends for his astoundingly accurate market predictions. Although, this is not a serious issue, it would be nice to have more information on hand.

The other, also minor issue is that there is not much info on how the system works. Yes, we know about the indicators and that they are combined but how exactly they are combined to form the Maximus Edge algorithm is not provided. Although, having said that, in this day and age where almost everything is stolen and then resold as original I suppose im not surprised that they wanted to keep some level of secrecy in order to protect their product from being pirated in some way. 


Maximus Edge Review Conclusion

As it stands, we are not yet ready to blacklist this software as a scam. We feel it has far too much potential to do so without solid proof plus it also offers traders features that other legit systems don’t. Furthermore, we cannot yet comment on the profitability of the system until we decide if we will test the software or not. So far, purely for the sake of proper investigation for this Maximus Edge AutoBot review, we might just decide to sign up in the next few days and give it a trial run. If we do this, we will of course post another review with more information and results. In the meantime, we would appreciate feedback from the community who have already had some experience trading with Maximus Edge.

Until Next Time…..Happy Trading!

The Binary Advisory Team

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