Mike’s Auto-Trader & Facebook Group Review

Mike’s auto-trader as well as his Facebook signals group has proven to be a firm favourite. Most people in the binary options industry, from newbie to advanced, eventually find themselves searching for access to one of Mike’s groups, after having tried and failed with other similar but not so successful copycat groups.

With Mike’s auto-trader it’s really very simple. You not only get access to his consistently profitable semi auto-trader, but you also get FREE ACCESS to the best rated binary options trading group in the world! This is not an exaggeration, just the facts. Michael Freeman’s Manual Signals Facebook Group is essentially, a last stop on your journey, to becoming extremely successful at trading binary options.

But first let’s take a look at what you get with Mike’s Auto-trader. This is not a fully automated trading system but rather a semi auto-trader. One of the things we like about Michael, is the personal touch and true commitment he puts into everything he does, like for example when you sign up with Mike’s Auto-Trader, you are greeted on video by the man himself, no phony, cheap actors, no fancy video editing, just Michael Freeman in real life.

Mike's Auto-Trader

The interface of Mike’s Auto-Trader has a very basic layout which makes it quite easy to use. The assets chosen, which are constantly being tracked for potential winning signals, are shown in block form and are continuously refreshed throughout the day. As with most trading platforms the pay-out percentages are always clearly visible. All you need to do, is click on the ‘Get Signal’ button to receive your signal and wait about 30 seconds or so for the system to work its magic and decide as to whether a put or call trade should be placed. 

Once it has determined this, you will then be given the option to take that trade. Really very simple and one of the easier systems I’ve used in my time trading. So far Mike’s Auto-Trader has performed consistently for the past year that I’ve been using and monitoring the system, so in terms of the ITM percentage rate, we are fairly happy with the general figure we’ve received which is about 68% overall. Not bad for a semi auto-trader.

Now for the best part, let’s take a look at Michael Freeman’s Manual Facebook Signals Group. Firstly, there are only two ways to gain access  to this exclusive and private community of traders. Either by signing up with Mike’s Auto-trader or via private invitation from Mike himself. The group is an absolute thriving community, whose current number of 2,300 members is increasing daily, and with good reason. Inside of this much sought after group, are some of the top binary options expert traders in the world. I can guarantee that you will not find something like this anywhere else.

Michael freeman FB Group

Many traders start off using just Mike’s Auto-trader when they first sign up and only occasionally visit the Facebook group or use it as a secondary support to the auto-trader. However, once they start to pay a little bit more interest in the group, and they start seeing all the outstanding ITM results produced by Mike’s top traders on a daily basis, things take a turn and Mike’s Auto-Trader is then used as secondary support to Mike’s Facebook Group.

Now don’t take this wrong, Mike’s Auto-Trader is great, yes, but his Facebook group is simply unbeatable. I can testify to this as I am a member myself and I love it. It truly is one of a kind. There are all the amazingly talented and now famous admins who are paid by Mike to place their signals on the wall during varying times throughout market hours. During these trading sessions the members follow the admin’s signals that are posted as well as further instructions for each trade taken. That is one of the advantages of trading in this group, the admins stay online during the entire session and keep you updated constantly as to which way the signal/trade is leaning and should they notice a sudden turn in the markets they will then instruct you on exactly how to save your trade. They are with you every step of the way.

Not only that, but Mike only accepts the best of the best as admin level traders, due to the fact that he is paying them weekly, they obviously need to keep their performance above excellent, and by above excellent, I mean nothing under 80% ITM win rate! This is how Mike ensures that the members of his group receive a type of quality signal service that cannot be found elsewhere.  Anyone can become a paid admin in Michael Freeman’s Facebook Group, but only once you have proven yourself to be a trader with phenomenal skills.


But don’t just take our word for it, below are some snap shots from Michael Freeman’s Manual Facebook Group of real comments posted by real members.

Mike's Facebook Group


Mike's facebook group



















Mike's Facebook Group




















Aside from all this, upon joining the group, you will immediately notice a very close knit, family type vibe amongst all members from across the globe. This is an amazing feat in itself. Everyone in the group fully understands that the whole purpose of being there is to make money and in order to achieve this, Mike has put strict rules in place, which everyone is more than happy to obey.

We will keep this page updated with regular snap shots and news of what goes on inside of this amazing group. As I am a member myself it’s no problem to give you a little sneak preview from time to time, although what you really want is full access yourself. 

Also should you guys have any further questions you’d like to ask or you find you are battling with anything in particular please don’t hesitate to mail me and I’ll personally do all I can to help you. Alternatively, just comment below with your questions or even your feedback on using Mike’s Auto-Trader along with Mike’s Facebook Group. The more we can spread the word to fellow traders about this one of a kind trading combo the better. Remember, the only way to join is by personal invitation or by signing up with Mike’s Auto-Trader which can be found here.

Good luck and as always…Happy Trading!

The Binary Advisory Team