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New NEO² Trading App Technology

Today we are doing a review on Neo2, the latest auto-trading software to hit the binary options market. We are actually kind of excited about this one as it seems as if it could be the next best thing. We take a deeper look into the exciting new NEO2 Squared technology.

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What is So Special About NEO2 Software

First and foremost, it is imperative to mention that the NEO2 Software is completely different to any other binary options service we have had the displeasure to review recently. NEO2 is definitely not a scam. There are no cheap Fiverr actors, no fake countdown timers, no bogus licenses left counter, no fake trust badges and news logos, no flashy cars and hired mansions. Just straightforward mentors and legends bringing new technology to the forefront of the binary options industry.

In fact, this new trading software is backed by some of the industry’s biggest names. Dr. Jack Piers, Amit Gutpa and Michael Freeman are behind the new NEO2 software. For those of you that are still new to the industry and are not sure who Michael Freeman is, we’ll break it down for you. Mr Freeman has been around since the start of binary options trading. He has the largest amount of followers on Youtube, we’re talking like over 20 000 people here and he is also the owner of the biggest and most successful binary options signals group on Social Media.

The Famous and Well Known Michael Freeman

Neo2 Software Michael Freeman

Michael Freeman’s role within the NEO2 Software’s development is directly related to binary options technology development and day trading solutions. Michael’s involvement in this project speaks volumes due to the fact that he is known for being dedicated to creating, delivering and maintaining superb trading tools for the binary options industry.

Industry Legends backing NEO2 Trading App

We already mentioned one of the legends, Michael freeman, previously in our NEO2 review, so let’s take a quick look at who else is involved with the making of the NEO2 app. Dr Jack Piers PhD, is the founder and CEO of NEO2 Software. He is a successful Climate Forecasting Expert, who accumulated his wealth of knowledge and expertise during his time at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

Mr Amit Gupta is the lead programmer and president of NEO2 trading app, his job was to design a platform interface that was not only easy on the eye but also easy enough for complete newbies with no experience to be able to use. He certainly outdid himself because the NEO2 software’s 3 click trading system is awesome to say the least.

Neo Software CEO

How does the NEO2 Software Work?

As mentioned earlier in our review, the NEO2 trading app is different in so many ways. This automated trading app has quite a few totally unique features, and we would like to cover all of them in our first NEO2 review although it might not be possible but we’ll try our best.

Dr. Jack Piers has very cleverly integrated the same powerful, pattern predicting technology, used by massive weather forecasting computers into the trading algorithms of the NEO2 software. This is freshly unveiled and never been seen before kind of trading technology. This is also what make the new NEO2 software totally unique to all the other generic copycat scams we have to deal with.

Even as an active day trader for over four years now, the NEO2 app has opened my eyes to just how much influence Solar and climatic changes have on economic events. This of course has a direct impact on the markets, which then impacts the markets movements, which in turn effects our trading calls. Something that may be logic but until now has been grossly overlooked in trading.

Now before you go off thinking that this is just fancy talk created by NEO2 software’s marketing team, think again. We always provide complete and detailed reviews which are backed up by solid evidence. So upon hearing about this new technology from the creators of the NEO2 trading app, we did a little research of our own and found that what they are saying is in fact credible.


This means that the cutting edge technology behind the NEO2 Software is not just mere conjecture or guesswork if you will, but real actual science.

NEO2 Software 3 Basic Functions:

  1. NEO2 Squared Sync Button – Activates the Solar Tracker
  2. NEO2 Squared Trade Algo Button – Activates Auto-Trader
  3. NEO2 Squared Start Now Button – Starts the Auto-Trader

Neo2 Trading Platform

What is the Cost of NEO2 Software?

At the time of writing this NEO2 review, we confirmed that the software will be free for an initial period. However, we cannot confirm at this point what that period will be. After this period, you may still acquire a license for NEO2 at an annual fee of $7,900. Their ultimate plan though is too launch the new auto-trader on is basically a massive community that is built around creative projects. Millions of people from around the world have backed some KickStarter project at some time. Before any project can be launched on KickStarter though, it needs to be surrounded with a lot of online hype and activity. Having an ever growing support base and constant feedback is of the utmost importance to the life of a project, this is essentially why the NEO2 Software is being offered free for a limited period of time.

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NEO2 Software Review Conclusion

The NEO2 software is NOT another scam. This software has been rigorously tested over the past 3 months by various third parties as well as by Michael Freeman and his online trading group. They have been reporting consistent win rates of 85%. That is exceptional performance for an auto-trader. But don’t worry, we will also be signing up for the NEO2 trading app and testing it for ourselves and all of our readers. We are so excited, we can’t wait to get set up and start trading.

We have come to the end of our NEO2 review, at least until we update you with a second review, for now, it is up to you to decide if you would like to try the all new technology that the NEO2 software has to offer binary options traders.

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