Plenitude Formula Review 


Plenitude Formula is a fake system. During this review we expose
all their lies & dirty tricks, helping you to make a safe &
informed decision with your cash!


Who’s Behind Plenitude Formula?

Apparently, a gentleman by the name of George Ackerman, has been masquerading as the CEO of Plenitude Formula Group. The first warning sign, was the fact that we could not find any matching images or profiles of George Ackerman online. He has no presence on LinkedIn or any other social media site. What we did find though, was the same man except with a different name. 

During the presentation video on, the fictional Mr Ackerman comes across as quite the professional story teller. This is because he is actually a professional actor known as Eric Newsome. We were able to uncover this interesting fact via a simple Google image search. This is a major indication of a full scale scam production. So tread cautiously with these people. 


Plenitude Formula Scam – More Evidence

We have a few more important facts to share regarding this supposed auto trading software. Beginning with the issue, of the fabricated Plenitude Formula CEO, claiming that his beta testers are making somewhere between ten & seventy thousand dollars a day. That is absolutely ridiculous & a sure sign of a scam. Most traders with the exception of newbies, know those numbers are fake! 


Furthermore, the video states that they had established a company called Plenitude Formula Group around three years ago. Turns out this Is not quite true. Not only could we find nothing to support this statement, but a quick search on the always dependable website WhoIs, we discovered that their domain, was only registered on the 2nd November 2016.  How then, could they have possibly been around three years already? Sounds a little suspicious to us. 

Additionally, the testimonials you see are just as bad as Plenitude Formula scam itself. The majority of which are also performed by actors. Let’s take Simon for example, who eagerly shows us his account with an almost twelve-thousand-dollar balance. Simply head over to Fiverr and search for a seller going by the username of Jordan831. There you will find user Simon…. or Jordan831. 


Rather Avoid This Scam Altogether

Although Plenitude Formula is being tediously marketed by email spammers and other low life’s, if you receive an invite or come across them elsewhere, it’s best to avoid them altogether. This software will do nothing but drain your account. The mere fact that George Ackerman mentions previously being ‘on the brink of suicide’, speaks volumes about the lengths these scam artists will go, to get hold of your money. Especially by using emotional tactics in their script to get to you!

It’s also worth mentioning that you, as a possible buyer of the product, are given no preview of the trading software’s platform. It’s like dipping your hand in a mystery bag wondering what you’re going to get. At $250 that’s quite an expensive guess don’t you think? Don’t fall for the old ‘15 spots left’ trick either! One can sign up fifty times and that same number will still be there. Pathetic really.

The fabricated CEO of Plenitude Formula scam goes so far as to bet five thousand dollars that your life will dramatically change using this auto-trader.  What guarantee is there that he will even pay upon losing, because lose he will. Who’s to say he even has five thousand dollars to bet with, I mean the guy is really just a low level actor to begin with. 


Plenitude Formula Review Conclusion

Our conclusion on this auto-trader is pretty obvious by now, this is yet another binary options scam! Amazingly, with the amount of scam evidence available one would think that an extensive Plenitude Formula review would not be necessary. Unfortunately, these scam artists like to target newbies, the elderly and the inexperienced. It’s for those very people that this review is actually crucial. 

This industry as in many others is filled with scams. If you’re interested in trading binary options with a software, then you’re far better off choosing one of the more well-known trading software’s. These range from Copy Buffett to Code Fibo and SnapCash Binary just to name a few. All three have been extensively documented through real and active day traders from around the world. These systems have been around for a while with an established reputation of reliability & credibility. 


Thank you for taking the time to read our review today, and please do take the time to share this to your social media accounts, your friends and also fellow day traders. The more awareness we can create regarding this fake software the better for all of us trying to make something of our trading efforts!

Till Next Time…. Happy Trading!

The Binary Advisory Team

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