Polygraph Millionaire Review


There seems to be a lot of interest surrounding Polygraph Millionaire
software. This review aims to expose this for what it is, a rehashed
old scam! Ensure you read our review to the end and find out why
you should be completely avoiding Polygraph Millionaire auto-trader!


Oh No! Not Again!

After having been active in the binary options industry for a few years like ourselves, you will come to notice that every so often, there is a previously exposed scam that is suddenly reborn. This is exactly the case with Polygraph Millionaire scam. There are certain scam productions that scammers put a lot of effort into reproducing and then others which that they do not bother much with at all.

Polygraph Millionaire scam is one of those in which much not much effort was made in terms of re-releasing the fake trading software. Luckily for us, the investigation and research for this impartial Polygraph Millionaire review was quick and painless. Reason for this, is due to the simple fact that this system is none other than the previously exposed scam Lie Detector Millionaire.

Who is Behind Polygraph Millionaire Scam?

Well it appears the same gentleman, Daniel Wilkins, is back to scam us yet again. As we mentioned earlier in our review, the scam artists behind it have not put much effort into editing or changing any aspects of Lie Detector Millionaire system, oh sorry, I meant to say Polygraph Millionaire scam. The exact same man has been used to promote both horrible scams to the online trading community.

Additionally, Daniel Wilkins is claiming that traders can make up to half a million dollars a month, using his Polygraph Millionaire scam software. We have repeatedly told our readers that this is impossible trading binary options from home. Furthermore, this is the exact same amount you were told you could make using the Lie Detector Millionaire! Coincidence? We think not, just a copycat! 


How Does Polygraph Millionaire Work?

Well, if you listen to David Wilkins a second time around, the auto-trader works no different than the LDM scam. We are told during their presentation video on PolygraphMillionaire.com, that the systems algorithm works by analysing billions bites of data & subsequently placing trade based on the information received.

Quite a vague and very generalised explanation don’t you think? That’s not to mention their ridiculous claim that Polygraph Millionaire auto-trader has not lost a single trade in the past couple of months. If you really want to know more about this fake production, simply read our Lie Detector Millionaire Review, as these two are almost identical, we find we are repeating ourselves a lot during this particular review. 

Pop Up’s like the one below, is a sure sign of a scam!


Alarm Bells Ringing Everywhere!

For those of you who are brand new to trading binary options, & may not have been around back in April of this year when LDM Scam was originally released, we have decided to list a couple of alarm bells that were present throughout our short investigation of Polygraph Millionaire scam production. Let’s start with their pitch video. We were not joking when we said that they didn’t bother editing much. 

If you have the time or the patience to watch the entire video on Polygraph Millionaire, you will see how Daniel eventually starts to call the system the Lie Detector Millionaire!! In actual fact, he states that the LDM software belongs to Trader X, the same mysterious Trader X from his earlier scam auto-trader. So either he got confused while lying to everyone or they got their two scam videos mixed up. Either way, it’s a very stupid and obvious mistake, proving they are not to be trusted. 

Lie Detector Millionaire Scam!


Polygraph Millionaire Scam!


Furthermore, during the video where he supposedly opens a new account with $250, goes off for lunch and comes back an hour or so later, to show us his account sitting at over $12 000!! Oh please man, come on! What a load of rubbish! Have you guys seen my trading videos? What I generate trading with trusted software’s in just over an hour, is nowhere near that amount. Not even remotely close!! Don’t fall for blatant lies produced by Polygraph Millionaire scammers!

Polygraph Millionaire Review Conclusion

Would you really trust a man who claims to have been a scam artist himself, and is now giving you a software he created for free, as a way for him to make amends? We certainly don’t! Unfortunately, the conclusion for our Polygraph Millionaire review, is that this is indeed a scam. A rehashed scam to be exact. Do not fall for this. Also help to warn others in the community by sharing this article.

Till Next Time… Happy Trading!

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