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There is a scam going around called Push Money App, and alarmingly, although some have already reviewed this app as a scam, people are still falling for it. The Binary Advisory has decided to help fight this scam by releasing a detailed review to help spread awareness on Push Money App.

Who’s Behind This Scam?

Dennis Moreland & Mike Callahan are the alleged co-owners of Push Money App. At least that is what they say in the marketing video on PushMoneyApp.com. Their production is quite fancy for a scam. During this elaborate masquerade, we are introduced to them, in each of their respective houses. Along with their wives as they seem to be having a little get together at Mike’s house.  

Push Money App Dennis Moreland

There is just one major problem we have with Dennis Moreland. That problem is, that he is a liar! He is a slimy actor. We must admit this guy is a smooth talking actor though, who can come across as convincing. This is probably why he has been hired to help scam people more than once!! Yes, you heard right, more than once. This guy is the same guy from the Mirror Trader Scam! 

Mirror Trader John Harrison

Push Money App Red Flags

We discovered a number of concerning red flags with Push Money App scam. We’ll go through each one and break it down in order to show you why you should not trust this shady trading app. A lot of these points would not only be missed by newbie traders but also if you aren’t paying attention.

Push Money App Registration

For starters, let’s examine the fact that they claim to have been making ordinary people money since 2015. This is an outright lie. Why? If you head on over to WhoIs, and search the domain registration of PushMoneyApp.com, you will see that it was only registered on the 9th January 2016. 

Push Money App Registration

Maybe now they can explain to us, how exactly they were writing checks for people and holding conference meetings when the company did not even have a registered domain with which to operate their business. This is Push Money App Scam, Red flag number one

Push Money App 2015

Push Money is a Fake Company

In the beginning of the video, the actor portraying Dennis Moreland, says that he will give you a thousand dollars just for your time in watching the video, should you decide not to trade with Push Money App. He then proceeds to hold up a check to camera, stating that it only needs your name.

Push Money App Fake Checks

Now, present on that check is the company name. It states, ‘Push Money Company, 1500SW Broadway, Portland’’ That address is nothing but some random address of a house which happens to be for sale in Oregon, Portland. Furthermore, that name is not registered on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) or any official Social Media sites like LinkedIn or Facebook for example.  

Push Money App Address

Fraudulent Checks

Further to the above, if Push Money is not a real and registered company, then how on earth did they legally get their name, printed on that check in the video. We’ll tell you how! Fraud!! That’s how. I can guarantee you guys that those checks are fake. Most likely photo-shopped and printed at home or by some dodge printing company.

Bogus Bank Accounts  

Yet another disturbing point to raise, is the bogus bank accounts you are supposedly shown throughout the video. Right in the beginning, basically as you are led through his front door, he shoves his phone in front of the camera, ranting about how the account just keeps increasing.

Well, we took a quick snapshot of this in order to more closely examine this so called account.  Due to our sharp eagle eyes, we noticed how the supposed banking app did not fit properly inside the screen. No legit banking app does that, which tells us this is an edited image on his phone. 

Push Money App bogus bank accounts

Not only that, but he continues on to apparently hit the refresh button and then shows us his phone again, except this time the amount is higher. This just adds to our proof that these are simply edited images on his phone. Why? Because trading binary options doesn’t work like that guys. Your account will not be increasing by thousands in a matter of seconds or whenever you hit refresh! It takes time.

Push Money App Review Conclusion

This supposed binary options auto-trader is undoubtedly a scam! After having found all the red flags that we did, there is no way anyone can trust this app. 

Scam Alert - The Binary Advisory

There are higher quality and more valuable alternatives to the Push Money App. If you are interested in trading with an auto-trader, then we encourage you to check out the top 5 best performing trading software listed on our homepage under Auto-Traders.

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Always remember that if you receive a spam email invitation, inviting you to join a similar scam to the Push Money App, or you happen across a trading system yourself, always do your research before just signing up and depositing money. Either way, instead of getting yourself into a jam, rather sign up for an auto-trader from a trusted site that has your back. Check out our 90-day TBA Guarantee, to see what we mean! 

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Till Next Time…. Happy Trading!

The Binary Advisory Team

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