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We are urging as many traders as possible to read this Quantum Code review before they even think about signing up to this seriously faulty trading software. In fact, we have gathered enough evidence to completely discredit the auto-trader & label it a scam!

The Quantum Code – Who’s behind It?

When our team investigates a product or service, one of the first things we do is go to their website, which in this case is TheQuantumCode.net, and have a look to see who is behind the software. Whether it be the CEO or owners themselves, either way we like to have them checked out first. 

Quantum Code Michael Crawford


In the case of Quantum Code software, we are told via their presentation video, that Michael Crawford is the CEO. Now that we had a name to go on, we went in search of Mr Crawford online. We figured this would be an easy search as he claims to be rather famous and has allegedly been featured in well-known financial magazines as well as on the popular Forbes website.

Michael Crawford – Mystery CEO

Unfortunately, this simple task turned out harder than expected due to the fact, that we just could not find him anywhere online. It was at this point that we started to get a little worried about the Quantum Code software. For someone who is supposedly so famous, why were we battling to find anything on ‘The Nicest Rich Guy in the World’ as he claims one of his nicknames to be.  

Then we recalled that Michael claimed to have been featured on the Forbes website, so we headed over there to have a look. Turns out, we could not find him there either. We did actually find a Michael. B. Crawford on the site, but he is an editor for the New York Times, so clearly it wasn’t the Michael from Quantum Code we were looking for. Seems like we caught him in his first lie

Quantum Code Forbes

Quantum Code Red Flags

Fake Company

We happened across a number of red flags during our investigation for this review. These are all valid reasons why signing up with Quantum Code Software, is not such a bright idea. We have already established that the supposed CEO is a liar, so to begin with, let’s bring up the topic of his so called Quantum Code software company.

Lo & behold, this doesn’t exist either! Are you seriously surprised? We aren’t! If you can’t find anything online to validate Mr Crawford himself, what makes you think you will find his imaginary company?  This is the type of thing that makes us want to run and never look back.

Quantum Code Fake Company

False Claims

During the presentation video on TheQuantumCode.net, Michael is heard stating that you can earn between ten and a hundred thousand dollars using Quantum Code software. What a seriously false & misleading statement to make!! As traders, especially in binary options, we all know that that is complete rubbish. It’s impossible actually. 

Quantum Code False Claims

Even the current, bestselling & top performing trading systems like Neo2 or Copy Buffett don’t generate that kind of profit. His claims are ridiculous and not even worth entertaining guys. To put the cherry on top, he claims that you don’t need to invest anything to get started, not even if you don’t have a single penny in your pocket! Ummm, did he forget the broker deposit part of all this? 




Quantum Code’s Faulty Algorithm Design

Here is where we get to the most interesting part of this Quantum Code review. When we listened to these scammers on how the auto-trader works, it was a little alarming to say the least. It took them a rather long time to explain it in the video so is the gist of it.

According to Michael Crawford, his trading software is designed to analyse and copy trades placed by other traders. His auto-trader is then able to beat them by acting first, i.e. buying or selling before they do. While this may sound like a brilliant idea, there is one major flaw we picked up and it is a fault that we feel could cost you dearly

Quantum Code Software

So what’s the problem you may ask? The problem is this; WHO are they copying?
They failed to mention that one highly important fact! If it is a well-known and successful trader and investor like Warren Buffett, which is actually a concept and design that belongs to the Copy Buffett Auto-trader, then that’s fine. But this software could be mimicking anyone’s trades! 


Copy Buffett Download


As you may have gathered, this is actually quite a concerning point. No sensible trader would want to risk placing trades through an auto-trader, that copies other traders of whom you are not aware of. What if the people they are copying completely suck at trading? Then what? It’s really not worth taking a risk like that with your money guys.

Quantum Code Review Conclusion

After having viewed all the evidence gathered, it is with no uncertainty, that we have come to the conclusion that this auto-trader is a scam!

Scam Alert

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Like we always tell our readers, be sure to do your research before investing in any service. Especially one like Quantum Code software. There are many trusted and profitable trading systems available, the best of which you can find listed on our home page under auto-traders.

If you are still brand new to trading binary options, then we would advise that you first begin with a Free Demo account before you trade with your own real money. This way you can get a feel for how everything works and become comfortable and confident in placing trades first.

Till Next Time…. Happy Trading!

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