SnapCash Binary Review


SnapCash Binary software by Austin Ford, has just been released
in the binary options auto-trader market. This is exciting news
which certainly warrants a detailed review on the all new trading app.


SnapCash Binary Software by Austin Ford

The sudden viral buzz surrounding the new SnapCash Binary auto-trader, is actually what initially ignited our interest & prompted us to write this review. We first approached SnapCash Binary software with a skeptical mind-set, (who can blame us with all these scams around) however, the more we investigated and researched the more our view slowly started to change bit by bit. has taken quite a unique approach to its product & branding, which in turn makes for quite an interesting review on the new online trading software. As is obvious by their name, the new auto-trading software has a very similar aspect to SnapChat messaging app, but we’ll get to more of how the system works later on in the review. For now, the main point, is we are fairly certain that this is not another typical binary options scam. 


What Makes SnapCash Binary Credible & How Does It Work?

Well to begin with, we appreciate the fact that the creator of the auto-trader Austin Ford, is the person presenting the software to us in their marketing video. It gets really annoying having to constantly watch & listen to cheap Fiver actors present a trading software they have no clue about. So SnapCash Binary software scored a trust point with us in that regard alone.

Austin Ford, aside from being an active day-trader himself is also a software programmer. It is important to note, that we were unable to dig up any questionable information on the creator. Additionally, we were able to verify, via other leading blogs and traders, that Austin has indeed been heard of before in the binary options industry. This scores another point. 


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Furthermore, the members found on the main page of, do not appear to be actors or stock images either. Try as we might, we could not trace them via Google image search which is how we expose scam systems most of the time. Once again, this instils a little more confidence in us, in regards to signing up, depositing and trading with the all new auto-trader.

To put things simply on how his SnapCash Binary options trading app works, Austin Ford explains that his software operates much like the SnapChat messaging app. When operating the software, you are given a small time frame in which to either accept or reject a trade the app presents you with. We really like this setup as it gives you good control over your trading session and your money.

General Feedback by the Community

As mentioned earlier in our SnapCash Binary review, there has been a lot of hype lately surrounding this new automated trading app. The general feedback we have been receiving from the community, upon reaching out is a positive one. Already, a few well known blogs have been testing the software and some have been reporting genuine revenue gain with accuracy rates of just over 80%.

I myself am super keen on testing out this new Binary software. The more I look into the system & speak with others who are trying it, the more convinced I become to give it the benefit of the doubt. We have already checked for all the usual red flags & alarm bells before even sitting down to write a review, so asking is SnapCash Binary a scam, is no longer a valid concern really. All that’s left to do is try! 

The Binary Advisory Approved

SnapCash Binary Sign-Up Process

The sign up process on is pretty much the same as with every other web based trading software. It’s really simple in that all you need to do, is enter your name and correct email address in the form on the main page. Preferably one you use often, as whenever there are updates to SnapCash Binary software, this is the address you’ll be notified via.

After completing that step, you will then be taken to the member’s area page, where you’ll be asked to confirm your information. Remember to use the exact same information when signing up for your linked broker account. Also, try not to delay the process of depositing with your broker and sending them the required verification documents. This can lead to software syncing issues & delays in activating the auto-trader. 


SnapCash Binary Review Conclusion

We can say right off the bat that we do not feel this is a scam. We expose trading scams on a daily basis and thankfully, Snap Cash Binary software doesn’t fall under this category in the least.

They are in possession of many attractive features & aspects that we constantly look for in a trading software. It’s due to this reason that myself and my small team are quite keen to try SnapCash Binary app. Of course, should we decide to go ahead & register an account, we will conduct some live trading videos using the app, as we have with some of our other much loved & well used trading robots.

Thank you for taking the time to read our extensive SnapCash Binary review! We hope we have provided you with enough information to make an informed decision regarding the latest binary options auto-trader. If you are already using the app or plan on trying it, please remember to share your personal experience and user feedback below, as we always love to hear how our followers are doing in their trading careers! 

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Till Next Time… Happy Trading!

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