TAI Robotic Review – Artificial Intelligence Trading App

TAI Robotic Indicator

The TAI Robotic Trend Indicator has recently been unleashed
on the world of global trading. Claiming to revolutionise trading,
by making use of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Join us in our TAI Robotic
Review as we contemplate this newly acclaimed software!


Refreshing Transparency

Before we begin digging into the creator of the new TaI Robotic software, we would first like to mention how pleasantly surprised we were at their chosen transparency. Right off the bat, they stated that the gentleman presenting the video was a paid actor. This is practically unheard of. Generally, paid actors used in most scam systems claim to be owners or creators themselves.    

Their reasoning for the use of an actor in the first place was sound too. Unfortunately, computer geeks, nerds and downright geniuses are terrible in front of a camera. In fact, they are terrible at anything social. One good thing about this, is knowing that the person behind TaI Robotic Indicator is in fact a genius computer geek. Surely, a technology program from a genius is worthwhile looking at.

The Creator – Alex Knecht

As you may have figured by now, Alex Knecht is a super genius. So much so, that when we first saw him trying to speak on camera and explain his TAI Robotic Indicator, we immediately likened him to Water O’Brian from the CBS series Scorpion. Trying to keep up with the impossible speed at which his incomparable brain is ticking is unimaginable. This guy is clearly on another level altogether.

Mr Knecht, using NVIDIA technology, is a top programmer for self-driving cars based out of Germany. He has been successfully trading part time since the young age of nine. He holds extensive knowledge & experience with the use of Artificial Intelligence and has been studying alternate ways in which to apply AI to online markets trading. This is how TAI Robotic software came to life.

Want to Know What We Really Think Of Alex Knecht?
Watch The Video Below To Find Out!

How Does TAI Robotic Software Work?

Firstly, the name TAI stands for ‘Trading Artificial Intelligence’. To understand AI a bit more, all you need to do is roam Google for a few minutes and you will soon get a basic understanding. Guaranteed, whether you know it or not, you have most likely already used it in some or other form. It is literally everywhere these days. Just take a look at the apps on your phone for instance.

Most good trading software’s are preprogramed with set strategies incorporated into algorithms. Now imagine a similar set up boosted by the use of AI. Exciting isn’t it? TaI Robotic Indicator is based on Artificial Intelligence and Trend Analysis. Simply put, you will be trading with a system that uses AI to pick up trends, along with a few other factors like Correlation & High Frequency Indicators.

Is TAI Robotic Software Fully Automated?

Yes! This is just another reason why this app is a great choice for novice traders looking to make some profit. Alex Knecht and his team have ensured their system is easy to use for beginners with no experience in trading. This is a rare find as there are not many auto trading robots available which are not considered to be a scam and actually give you a return on your investment.

However, do bear in mind that TAI Robotic software also offers users the option to manually trade, or as some call it, semi automated trading. Wherein the bot provides high quality signals that the user can choose from and then place the trade himself. This is aimed more towards seasoned traders with some knowledge, and who prefer a little more control of their trade session. 

taoirobotic app

How do I Sign Up & Is It Free?

If you act fast then yes it is free. You get access to a free licence for life and all they ask for in return is that you make a $5 contribution to a charity of your choice, in honour of a late team member. The only cost to you will be the minimum amount you need to deposit with your assigned broker. But remember, this amount is yours to trade with and make a profit from so it’s more like an asset.

In terms of signing up, you have a few easy options here. Either you can watch the video below in which we answer a few questions about TAI Robotic Software and then we take you through the sign up process step by step in order to avoid any common errors that are often made when joining up for the first time. This is simply to ensure that you don’t encounter any syncing complications. 


Or you can skip the video and simply click the button below which will take you directly to the official website, where you can then complete the signup process yourself. Otherwise, you can simply follow the easy steps provided below the signup button to get your app up and running. 


Steps to Register With TAI Robotic App:

  1. Ensure your cache is cleared of all accumulated cookies. (important)
  2. Click on the Registration button below & enter your name along with a valid email address. It is advisable to create a new email address for the registration process. This way you can keep all your sensitive account information, updates and news all in one place.
  3. You will then be redirected to the member’s area, here you will need to provide some more info and create your user account. Be sure to enter correct & valid information.
  4. Once complete, you will be assigned a broker based on your geographical location. Ensure that you fund your broker account from that landing page, do not attempt to deposit directly with your broker, this will cause some serious syncing errors with the software.
  5. Once your deposit is complete, TAI Robotic will automatically run online, you do not need to download anything. However, you will not be able to place any trades until the broker receives your deposit. 

tai robotic software


TAI Robotic Review Summary

We have not yet traded with this indicator; however, we have done some research as well as a few videos on the app and so far everything seems positive. This is not another binary options scam. Already there are countless positive reviews & feedback in which traders are claiming to see a return on their investment. We feel confident in moving forward with TAI Robotic Indicator for trading.

We hope you enjoyed reading our TAI Robotic Review & as always, make sure to keep in touch as we will be doing some more follow up videos, live trades and updated reviews. This way you can stay on top of the latest news concerning 2017’s acclaimed best trading app, TAI Robotic!


Until Next Time….Happy Trading Guys!!

The Binary Advisory Team!











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