Zulander Hack Review – We Bust Open the Truth About This Scam

The Zulander Hack software and its website ZulanderHack.co are one big scam! We felt it necessary to warn our readers of this latest fraud before any more people fall victim to the app by signing up and losing all their money. Already we have had more than six Zulander Hack members email us complaining of the fact that they lost everything with this auto-trader. In this review, we have gathered some pretty hard hitting evidence to show you that this auto-trader is one you should steer clear of! 

What is the Zulander Hack?

The Zulander Hack is a binary options auto-trader or robot as some prefer to call them. The alleged creator Michael A. Wright, whose existence we could not verify by the way, claims that his trading software will make you upwards of €1000 every 5 minutes! This is such an exaggerated claim it’s actually not even funny. Do these guys think we’re stupid? Obviously! Either that or the Zulander Hack program was designed to target complete newbies to BO trading, any experienced trader would know that this is complete crap! 

Zulander logo

Zulander Hack Fake Actors

The video found on zulanderhack.co is riddled with fake actors, the whole thing is fake actually! It is filled with so many lies which we were able to pick up on very quickly. Trust me, after doing investigations on this kind of stuff for years, one tends to develop an eagle eye that not much if anything can escape.

Here are just one or two of the dumb mistakes we were able to catch during Zulander Hack’s video:

Mr Wright supposedly calls Lucy Knowles by surprise, yet amazingly she is ready and waiting to share her screen, and with the mouse pointer highlighted too! Coincidence? Telepathic maybe?

Mr Wright also mentions that Zulander Hack has nothing to do with Binary Options! That was actually quite a funny mistake on his part but anyway…moving right along.
Or how about when Mr Wright comes to Becca and her partner John in the bar while he is conducting his €1000 challenge, Funny how he asks Becca to show him the time on her phone which reads 14:30 and you can clearly see it is daytime, yet when he walks over to another table and calls Lucy it is suddenly night time in the background behind him, then 5 minutes later he walks back over to Becca & John where it is suddenly light again and the time is 14:35. Bad editing skills maybe? 

Zulander Hack fake Video
But wait…that’s not all…. the best proof of Zulander Hack being a scam is below….

Zulander Hack Fake User Testimonials.

Now we come to the part of the so called user testimonials found on the Zulander Hack website.While we understand that each IP is checked when you visit the site in order to verify which country you are from, for whatever dumb reason, what we cannot understand is how these so called Zulander Hack users remain the same for each country! The only thing that changes is the country flag, the amounts, the currency symbols and the names – BUT THE PICTURE REMAINS THE SAME!!! 

Zulander Hack ReviewZulander Hack ScamZulander Hack Scam Evidencezulander
Come on guys! This should be screaming SCAM at you by now. We have gathered a few of these pictures and put them in our review so that you can see this for yourself! Not only that, but you can see from the picture proof above that these are NOT real traders, they are paid for images bought off of sites like Shutter-Stock or 123RF. But the scam artists behind the Zulander Hack system would love for you to believe that these are in fact real traders who are making their first million using the Zulander program, buying fancy cars with mansions to go along with them.

The Binary Advisory - Zulander HackZulanderhack
One more thing we noticed, is that with Zulander Hack, one of the brokers you are given when joining is VX Markets. This is not a regulated or trusted broker. We noticed that another leading blog, the Binary Options Watch Dog warned views against them. Additionally, if you do a quick bit of research you will find countless complaints and negative feedback all over the net such as this one from ForexPeaceArmy: http://www.forexpeacearmy.com/community/threads/guilty-case-2015-012-osa-vs-optionsmaker-com.38280/ In this case you will find VXMarkets heavily tied into OptionsMaker! 
Our Verdict on the Zulander Hack

Guys, we could not possibly make it any clearer to you, that the new Zulander Hack auto-trader is a Scam!! A dangerous one at that. Plus, what irritates us even more, is that it’s programs like these that are damaging the reputation of trading binary options. Not every auto-trader that comes out is a scam, there are quite a few reliable and proven ones that we have found, tested and written about, you can find the best of these listed on our home page. As or the Zulander Hack, they can join our scam list and hopefully more and more people come across this article before signing up with them. If we can help to warn even just a few it would certainly make a difference to those particular few!

Always remember to stay safe and if you are new to trading then it’s best to start off with a free demo account which you can obtain from TradeThunder and practice until you feel you are ready to trade with real money. Once you are ready to trade we recommend starting with small amounts first, like $10 or $20 and never ever trade with money you can’t afford to lose.

The Binary Advisory Team